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October 22 when I first knew him. He was so sweet with me. Ren Rafael gave my number to him. So, I was so shock. Because there is someone texting me. I didn’t bother who he is. I just reply to his text and said. Sino to? Then he replied me, “Renzo De Leon and Did you miss me?” And I told to myself “Bat ko naman mamimiss to ee di ko naman kilala” Then I asked Ren, why did she gave my number to R. Then days pass by. We’re happy texting each other. Then after three days I started to fall inlove with him. I dunno why, It so fast. October 25, that was the day that I’ve waiting for. That’s also my day, my birthday. We meet at the Church. Then he bought me cake. Eto naman ako kinikilig kilig. :) Sabi kasi ni Ren, liligawan daw ako ni Renzo sa mismong birthday ko. Edi excited ako. Then, the night has come, okay kame. I thought we will start something new. But I’m wrong. After my birthday. Wala ng nangyare. He didn’t text me na. Kasi before, paggising niya itetext niya ako agad. Pero 11 na. Di pa din siya nagtetext. I asked Ren again if there is something wrong. Ren said “Jaa, si Sarah pa din daw :(” Omg. My heart seems it will crash. Nasaktan ako nung sobra. I also asked Renzo, if that its true. Di naman siya nagrereply. So, I decided to let go him even though wala naman dapat i letgo kasi hindi naman kami. Kaya yun after that I decided also na wag na rin siyang itext and break all our commitments. Nasaktan ako nun, kasi masyado ko siyang minahal. Ganun naman ako lagi eh. Pag nagmahal binibigay lahat. So, I learned lessons from it. Ganun pa man miss ko na yun. Miss ko na yung nangaasar ng baboy sakin, yung sinisgawan ako pag may nagagawang mali. Haay. Life was so miserable. =)) Bute nalang anan lagi yung mga kaibigan ko to support me in different ways. Thankful din ako kasi God never leave me. He always put me in a nice wah.. :))

Nakakamiss tong gagong to. :(


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-          If all the sciences in the world can explain everything, can PHYSICS explain why we fall in love with someone without affected by gravity? Why can’t LOGIC help us make things right when were in love? Would CHEMISTRY give us the chemical element of love and its formula? Can ANATOMY locate the scars in our heart? Or can PHYSIOLOGY why the heart still beats even if it’s broken. :l

  The greatest feeling in life is to find someone who knows your faults and weaknesses but still willing to embrace you with so much love without doubt.

E Everyone says love hurts, but that’s not true. Loneliness hurts, Rejection hurts, losing someone hurts, Envy hurts. Everyone confused with love. But in reality, love is the only thing in this world that covers up all the pain and makes someone feel wonderful again. Love is the only thing in this world that doesn’t hurt. <3

-          I learned to love with someone with all my life. And there came a point, when I got tired not of loving but sacrificing all I have. Then a thought come to my mind. I have given everything but have received nothing but pain and tears in return. Is this enough to prove that I really love that person? Or, is it a sign telling me to stop sacrificing and learn to love myself a little more.


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